Sounds x Interview: Pure Mids

I discovered Pure Mids a few weeks ago on Spotify and have been obsessed ever since. And to make things even better (if that’s even possible), this is their first interview. Yeahhhhh!

Check it out below and follow them everywhere, cuz they are going to be famous and singing at your weddings.

How did Pure Mids get its start?

Steven: I was recording and mixing an EP for Dan & Will’s old band, Fine Minds. Dan and I had previously worked together on an album for my project, The Ambient Light, but this was the first time Will & I had worked together on a production. I was really impressed by his musicianship and he was very open to any ideas I had to offer. At some point during the recording, we all agreed that collaborating on a project together would be a great idea. Since Will had already been writing some new material, we started to demo out his ideas in my home studio. Everything started to come together very quickly and Will thought of the name Pure Mids. The word “Pure” represents clarity and “Mids” represents the balance of everything. It seemed like the perfect name to pair with the lyrical content of the songs he had been writing.

How many people are in the project/how did you meet?

Steven: For now, there are three of us. Dan & Will have been playing in bands together for years and we eventually crossed paths from playing shows around Los Angeles.

Anything new/cool coming up we should be looking out for?

Steven: Our debut e.p. Optimistic-ism, it will be out in January.

What does success look like to you?

Will: Doing what you love every day.

What are you listening to right now?

Will: Demos of songs I’m working on at the moment. So far it sounds terrible.

An artist or group you’d die to play with?

Dan: Bruno Mars or Pink Floyd.

Most embarrassing show story? (or most awesome fan moment)

Will: HAHA! Hmm. Not so much embarrassing but it was kinda wild. There was this one time where we played a show right next to McCarthur Park in LA in some random building that our bassists (at the time) friends were throwing. Our bassist snitched out some random “gangster” looking guy stealing a bottle of vodka that our bassist’s friend purchased. The guy got kicked out and waited for our bassist outside with 3 other guys for 3 hours to jump him. Our bassist was trapped inside so he just ended up calling the cops and someone mentioned that the “gangster” had a gun. The building ended up being swarmed by cops and a couple of helicopters. Luckily, a few of us got out right before that, but Dan had guns pointed at him by cops and was searched because he was caught trying to leave with a duffle bag that just ended up being his drum stuff. Good times!

The place you’d absolutely love to play (could be anywhere, including you know outer space)?

Will: OUTER SPACE! That way we can play to the world/ Universe… too cheesy? Did Bono say that already?

Hardest thing about being an artist?

Will: That’s for you to know and me to find out.

But also, whats the most rewarding thing about being an artist?

Will: Being able to express myself. Having that kind of outlet.

I just listened to this podcast with Brian May and before Queen he was getting his PhD in astrophysics … If you weren’t making music what would you be doing?

 Will: Who’s that? I’d be a cartoonist.

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