Sounds: Ryan Zimmerman // Ephemeral As a Kiss EP

“The new EP has a more homey and laid back sound compared to Working Musician … It’s more personal and straightforward as opposed to the first one, which had more of a party vibe.”

Got some music over a bit ago from Ryan Zimmerman (from Long Beach Island NJ.), and while its a deviation from the standard moody, post-punk vibes that I surrounded myself with, I can’t lie, it brings me some good vibes.

I’m headed out the country today (Happy Thanksgiving airport traffic to me!) and his EP perfectly describes the mood inside of me. It’s a perfect mix of acoustic folk, reggae, blues, a little punk rock and Americana. On Ephemeral as a Kiss, Zimmerman plays all the instruments (except drums, by Dan Galvano), showcasing his skills on acoustic and electric guitars. Not going to lie, the track “Backpacks” has got some of that Bruce Springsteen songwriting tucked in it … not mad at that.

Listen to his new EP Ephemeral as a Kiss here, and have a damn good day with your family and friends!


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