Sounds: The Crowleys // Midnight Blue

“The carefree yet melancholic tone of the song guides an antique robot through a day at the beach where his imagination and reality clash. It exemplifies the loneliness and anxiety hidden behind a happy facade which is what inspired the track in the first place.” – The Crowleys

Lately we get a lot of submissions for videos that feel set in the same beach town, with the same shoegaze meets noir vibe, and the same skateboard scene, almost like a scene from a Vans commercial, and then we come across a vid like “Midnight Blue” from The Crowleys and it’s like yesss … now, here’s a band that doesn’t give a shit about what people think, and takes risks, and embraces its weirdness.

Granted, its premise still takes place at the beach but we will just overlook that part. Also, it’s 40 something degrees in New York right now so everyone in a part of the world that can hang out at the beach right now can kiss our freezing cold asses.

“Our friend Evan Bond animated the video for us. We met him when he offered to help us move a new mixing console up three flights of stairs into our friend Michael Keire’s studio. When we learned he was a talented artist and animator we knew we wanted to work with him and the time felt right when we started brainstorming ideas for the new video.” – The Crowleys

All hail The Crowleys and this new track // vid. Watch the short, minimalistic animated story below.

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