Sounds: Blakeley // Holiday Vinyl

NYC-based Blakeley’s “Holiday Vinyl” is soaked in booze, snow, and in purring vocals that invert the Christmas winter wonderland into a revelation about loss, longing, and the kind of affection that only materializes after half a cup of Jack Daniels.

Now that all of your presents have been opened, dinner has been eaten, and the booze has all been consumed, take a moment or two to listen to some solid Christmas songs that we’ve had the pleasure of coming across.

Blakeley‘s track sparks a beautiful tension between the immaculate city adorned with ornaments, and a private loneliness that vacillates between love, neediness, and alcohol drenched desire. I’m sure we can totally relate here, from some point or another.

Give it a listen below xx

P.S. Whilst preparing this post, my brother said “is that the song you’re going to post? It’s cool.” Nice work Blakeley– younger brothers never approve of anything older sisters do 🙂

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