Sounds x Vid: Ioana Dobroiu // Whatnot

“This song was created in that moment of anxiety. When I was writing it I was undergoing emotional hard times, my mind was going through the possibilities of what (is going to happen) and not ( what is not going to happen).” -Ioana Dobroiu

Just came across this stunning music video for a new track “Whatnot” by Transylvanian experimental female musician Romania-based Ioana Dobroiu and couldn’t wait to share it with you. I then got a puppy over the holiday break, and am just now getting back to posting this.

The striking visuals in the video–directed by Diana Galimzyanova and starring Ekaterina Dar–compliment the music perfectly.

“I thought this song was very raw and emotionally honest, and I wanted the music video to be true to that unpolishedness … Ekaterina Dara, performance artist and actress, is like an avatar of Ioana Dobroiu here. She improvised the dance on location based on the emotions created by the song. It took four-five hours of non-stop filming. And, weirdly enough, I was reading Homer’s Odyssey out loud the whole time, because Ekaterina’s asked me to read some poem for her and I thought this was the right one. I ended up feeling like I was participating in a performance art piece instead of the directing.” – Diana Galimzyanova

View the video here:


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