Sounds: Viirgo // Promises

“Hacking into your secret lives and turning them into music videos. One camera at a time.”

Came across this video from Oman-based artist Viirgo and while I must admit the music video starts out incredibly creepy, I promise it gets much better, albeit even funny at times. It’s one of those remarkable times in a music bloggers life, when you come across a video that has great visuals, vocals, and instrumentals. 

The lyrics are actually a cover from the Elliot Smith song “Between the Bars”, but Viirgo edited it to give it a deep, grieving and sexy sound.

For this music video, it involves a female dominatrix intruder who goes around a stranger’s place and fiddles with his stuff. She ties him and is in control, little does she know, there is no second person in the house. In reality, she’s tying her own self and believing her own reality.

Watch the beautiful, yet strange music video here:


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