Sounds: Goodfight // Lucy

Lucy darling won’t you walk here with me. These cold avenues and I need your love Lucy. // Come rain, or shine, or snow, I don’t mind. Come in my life, doors open wide

This track “Lucy” by New York band Goodfight has summertime skating and beach vibes written all over it. And while it’s still mid-winter in New York with an impending blizzard every few days, one can always daydream about warmer // beach-ier days.

Whether in the studio or on tour, their infectious, loving zeal makes it hard to not get up and dance. As one of the tracks on their stunning first album, Florida Room, “Lucy” features Goodfight’s quintessential youthful energy with vulnerability and honesty–and it’s addictive.

On “Lucy,” Forman cleverly transforms the ritual of enjoying a loose cigarette into a tale exploring the extreme love and loneliness tied to city life.

Listen to the track below. Go ahead, you won’t regret it.

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