Sounds: Novelistme // It’s Hard (To Be In Love)

I’m having way too much fun today discovering new music. One of those bands is Novelistme (which if anyone knows me, knows that I love books so this is an added bonus whether they like it or not).

They submitted a track to me a while ago, which we will get to. But after a nice rabbit hole of aural pleasures, I came across this other track “Sonic Youth on Bad Drugs” which sounds like both a dream and also a nightmare.

Their entire Soundcloud is filled with shit too good to miss—thinking of spending the whole day wrapped up in their tunes. Which brings me to this new track by these wild Brits, called “It’s Hard (To Be In Love)” cuz let’s be honest, it is.

The track is urgent, powerful, and loud. Go on, let your ears bleed. It’s worth it.

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