Sounds: Good Days // Love Soaked World

It’s the end of summer in 2016, I had an idea I wanted to run by Eric. My thought was that the world had enough sad songs in it, it had been a tough year, let’s write music that makes people feel good. Shines a little light on darker days. Puts a smile where it’s needed. The world needs more good days, and that evening, Good Days was born.

It’s a new year and we could all use positive vibes—with the American political situation in the dumps, Tinder and Bumble still serving garbage, and the MTA still failing to get us where we need to go on time. Then you come across a brand new New York-based band Good Days (Eric Ronick and Michael Cannova) and everything seems like its gonna be ok. How they met is incredibly serendipitous, and most likely a tell-tale sign that things were gonna go well with the two guys.

We met in New York where we both currently reside. Funny story, the first time we met was in 2015 at a show in the Lower East Side. We got to talking about music and Eric asked me what I was currently listening to, I had chosen an indie favorite of mine that day, one I was sure he probably wouldn’t know but was I mistaken. Upon revealing my music selection for the day, he stares at me in disbelief. I even pull my phone out to prove the cover art was still there. Still in awe, he finally says, “I was in that band.” The moment both awkward and awesome would be the start of something unexpected.

Oozing with positivity and a catchy tune, Good Days knows how to turn your mood around. They channel a lot of the Beach Boys at the end which is impressive, and also really nicely done. “Love Soaked World” couldn’t be a better song (p.s. it’s also the second song the guys wrote together).

Over the next 9 months we would spend every available Wednesday night in the studio, trying to put the fun and feelings we had into music. It was then that we realized we had an EP in our hands. It wasn’t the end goal but the end result. Our debut EP titled Hello was released on December 7th. Love Soaked World leading it off.

Listen to the track “Love Soaked World” here, and hopefully smile a little harder afterwards. You can also stream their whole EP Hello on Spotify. You won’t regret it.

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