Sounds: Dorvin Borman // Wrath


Los Angeles-based Dorvin Borman gets dream-pop. At 25 years old, the multi-instrumentalist, singer // songwriter, and producer just released this track “Wrath” that is too good to miss.

Blending the styles of lo-fi dream pop and psych pop with reverbed-out drum machine beats, he brings unique rigidness to the genres, making it his own.

If you dig dream pop, psych pop, and indie (which is basically a catchall these days for people who listen to more than Top 40), the gloomy lo-fi, yet highly melodic “Wrath” will entrance you for its 4 minutes and 2 seconds.

I created every aspect of the song: all instrumentation including the drum machine, guitars, bass, synth, and of course vocals. And, I recorded, produced, and mixed it all as well. 

Beach House move over. Give it a listen here x

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