Sounds: Lauren Light x Patsy Cline // Walkin’ After Midnight

Patsy Cline goes Eerie Indie/Soul?

Heartfelt disclaimer: we almost never post//share covers, but we’ve made an exception this one time.

We got this submission in from the incredibly soulful Lauren Light and have to admit, listened to this track a few times and came really close to declining. But it’s so damn good.

If you didn’t know any better (and I’m sure a lot of people don’t), you wouldn’t even realize that this track was in fact a cover of the Patsy Cline “Walkin’ After Midnight.” Lauren’s version is dark, and soulful, and has a level of edge added to it, that truly transforms the track.

[I’m] starting a New Cover series Called “Reimagined” were I take songs completely out of my genre and put a new modern spin on them. This is the first song of that series, which will be monthly. With this song I took an old country song and twisted it into an eerie Indie soul sound.

Totally interested to hear the other tracks in the Reimagined series. Go on, give it a little listen below. Don’t be shy.

Also- who are the 3 people who thumbs downed her track? rude.