Sounds: Ryne Meadow // In the Dark, I See

Ryne Meadow is a work in progress. He’s a diamond in the rough, a songbird mending a broken tweet. He doesn’t have it all together. Some days are harder than others, because he’s human. And that’s okay.

This might be a little crazy to say, but do you remember when Kelly Clarkson first came out with all of her gospel-loving vibes and you just knew she was going to be a star? That’s how I feel about Ryne Meadow. He’s got soul and style, and the songwriting is impressive.

The instrumentals show true evolution throughout the track, and the lyrics kill me. KILL ME. Can we all just hug it out?

Who’s gonna wake me
From the bad dreams
The ones where I can’t seem
To breathe or scream
Who’s gonna save me?”

Listen to the track below. Call me if you need someone to cry nostalgic with. #Imgonnasaveme

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