Sounds: The Missionaries // Phat 3

 “A brief barrage of catchy tunes & sexy beats detailing a romantic encounter that is all too fleeting”

We just love when new bands come across our proverbial desk (more like couch in Brooklyn apartment, but really who’s keeping track). Inspired by the glam/psychedelic sound of Foxygen and the bright-eyed surf pop of the Beach Boys, Berkeley-based The Missionaries are a new band on the scene.

Delivering a sound that is eclectic, catchy, and oozing with positivity (something us New Yorkers haven’t felt in a while), the song Phat 3 is brilliant for weekend shopping or just getting ready in the morning. It’s fun and upbeat, weird enough that they can sit with us, but obviously recorded on an opposite coast.

The track is off the EP Croissant Supreme–written and recorded in December 2017. Give the track a listen xx. And, stop honking your damn horns, we are trying to sleep.

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