Sounds: Fwar // Alien Terrain

I pictured a perfect world.
I pictured a perfect god.
I pictured a perfect us.
I pictured an endless youth.

Ok one more track going up before I go pass out in a NyQuil-induced slumber. Leeds artist Fwar recently released his new EP The Absurd–an intriguing side step that blends tuned percussion and manipulated homemade samples into contemplative synth fueled pop joy.

On the premise behind the EP Nathan said, “Contemplating the idea that we try to apply logic and seek meaning from a world that lacks one true purpose is mind-blowing. Seemingly, from nowhere one can find themselves facing the Absurd world. It happens when your past experiences are undermined, when identification of the self is compromised.”

The track “Alien Terrain” is all kinds of Arcade Fire meets TV on the Radio and Panda Bear, with a little bit of Damon Albarn inside. It’s sex. Pure, sonic sex.

I pictured a perfect world.
Cuckoo spit of a froghopper times infinity.
Who says I’m unlucky?
There’s a beautiful view for me.
Open up and breathe some fresh air in,
this is your alien terrain.

It’s a mind-fuck. Light some incense, turn the lights down low and vibe out to this new Fwar track of pure gold.

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