Sounds: Aural Air // The Vanishing Dove

Aural Air is the evolving contemplative catharsis of Irish singer-songwriter Laura Rai. Ethereal, eerie, and expansive guitar and vocal melodies abound, as if sharing musical notation with the likes of Slowdive, Grouper, and Jeff Buckley.

Got this submission in from Irish singer Aural Air, and while it isn’t typically along the lines of what we post, it’s giving me some amazing coffee shop // Sidewalk Cafe vibes that I can’t resist. It’s soothing, but also powerful; reminiscent of Best Coast a little bit.

When everything is said and done
What do you care
What do you care
Backboned but frail
Teeth chipped and stained
Smile for the eyes
Smile for you

Listen to the track “The Vanishing Dove” below xx.

You can stream the whole EP here.

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