Sounds x Interview: Moon Loves Honey // Lonely Day

‘Lonely Day’ is a dreamy, chill and groovy song … It’s about loneliness caused by the absence of someone special. About somehow finding comforting happiness in the sadness of the situation where the only thing you can do is think of this person.

Happy gorgeous Saturday peeps. Excited to post this track and mini-interview with Danish dreamrock/pop band Moon Loves Honey. They’ve got this awesome, catchy sound, killer instrumentals, and they also seem really fucking nice. Read the mini-chat below and give a listen to their new track ‘Lonely Day’ which just came out a few days ago.

Who does the writing for Moon Loves Honey?

The writing and recording side of Moon Loves Honey is pretty much just me – Jeppe Dengsø. I write and record all of the music with the exception of about half of the drumtracks, which our drummer Ludvig Kastberg records. But we’re a band when it comes to the live aspect: we sort of figure out collectively how to pull off the songs live – if anything needs to be arranged differently to give the recorded track a different feel etc.

How did you meet?

Ludvig and I met in high school and started playing music together. In 2015, after having graduated, I decided to form a band to play the songs that I write live. Ludvig was hooked after hearing some rough demos of mine, and then we asked Johan Gudmandsen to join the band – a friend of ours. Stine Drejer, who we all knew from high school joined as the keyboardist, but in 2017 she left to pursue her own music. We’ve replaced her with an Aarhus friend of ours – Albert Burchardt and are now rehearsing the songs from our forthcoming album, so that we can go on tour in April when we release the album.

Tell us about this upcoming album?

I started recording the album in May 2016 in Purple Room Studio in Aarhus together with my friend William Brinch who produced and mixed the record with me. We finished the mix in September 2017, so the whole process has been quite long, but the reason is that I got totally obsessed with everything, wanted to correct every single imperfection. We’re very excited to be releasing our record – entitled You Drift Away From Me in April and this first single release of ‘Lonely Day’ January 17th is going to be very exciting, cause it’s a bit of a different sound from us. The music has gotten quite a bit more catchy and punchy, while it still maintains the ethereal vibe that we explored on our EP ‘Apart’ from 2016.

Give a listen to the aforementioned track ‘Lonely Day’ and watch this space for the rest of the album coming out in April xx.

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