Sounds: Wax Mistress // Mind Designs

I recently discovered Nashville-based band Wax Mistress about a month ago with their killer track ‘A Reflection’ – this urgent, psychedelic rock track with loads of energy and perfect vocals. It’s like waking up on the third day of a three day weekend and realizing that you can sleep in // don’t have to go to work.

So first off, I’m going to share ‘A Reflection’ cuz I’m trying to wax nostalgic on that 3-day weekend we just had. Allow Wax Mistress to sooth you …

Alright, are you all calm and chill? Good vibes?

Right, so then the guys released this track ‘Mind Designs’ and dare I say it, it’s even better than ‘A Reflection’. It’s a downright indie rock lullaby, layered to perfection.

I’ve got a lighter going in my cubicle right now. Give the new track a listen and make sure to show them some love on the book.

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