Sounds: The Good Morning Nags // New EP

Six piece NYC Appalachian-Bluegrass-influenced Country folk band The Good Morning Nags bring the spirit of busking in Central Park and the subway to their debut EP

Just got this submission in from The Good Morning Nags, this NYC-based four piece that brings back Americana in a way that is accessible, and very different from most of the music coming out of NYC (which is why we decided to share this).

The group’s four original members – Tim Hassler (fiddle, vocals), Ben Quinn (mandolin, guitar, harmonium, vocals), Titus Tompkins (percussion, mandolin, vocals) and Britt Reagan (guitar, dulcimer, vocals) –met in 2010 while studying acting at the University of Evansville. Joining forces when they were cast in different plays that needed musicians to play bluegrass and old-time music, they kept playing for fun and became great friends while finding, as Tim says, “a real connection between the music and our personalities.”

Something that I find really unique about this group, other than their sound, is that the band doesn’t have a frontman – everyone contributes to the harmonies, and they alternate lead vocals between members.

“[The EP is] designed to capture the vulnerability and honesty and live energy of the music, of six guys with instruments standing around a couple of mics, with nothing to hide behind.”

Their seven track EP features three original tunes and four adaptations. Go ahead and give it a listen here!

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