Sounds: Aggressive Swans // About You

Sound of modern pop and electronica, infused with the spirit of the 80’s, is the outcome. Expect defined riffs, expressive vocals, oceans of synths and improvised psychedelic constructs.

The only thing aggressive about this track by Munich-based Aggressive Swans is how badly I want to dance to it. There are a few things apparent in this track: 1. They either grew up listening to disco and/or love Daft Punk 2. Kylie Minogue has to be their favorite artist.

Ok, maybe not about Kylie Minogue but I stand behind #1 completely. The track is so catchy–I dare you not to get up and dance–and the lyrics are incredibly positive and powerful.

It’s all about you

Don’t try to be somebody you are not

Alright, I’m done egging you on. Listen to the track below and have an incredible hump day!

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