Sounds: VSTRS // Annmaria

Start your morning off right with this new track & vid from Detroit band VSTRS. It’s the feature single off of their recently released 2nd LP Pandemonium Seesaw.

It starts out super chill and earthy–reminiscent of space music–bringing out instrumentals similar to The Grateful Dead and The Doors. Then at 1:20 you’re given some of those alt-rock vibes that get your ass out of bed in the morning.

Michael O’Connor (vox/guitar/synth) has this soothing and ethereal voice that compliments the instruments perfectly. From listening to the track, it’s apparent that VSTRS know a thing or two about progression–and its something they do well–from start to finish the track evolves, refusing to remain stagnant, and closes out with a resolve (which you also get from the vid).

Watch the incredibly beautiful video for Annmaria here.

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