Sounds: Abdomen // Lies

Whereas the word abdomen may make you think of guts or your failed sixpack, in this case it refers to three boys from Friesland in the great north of the Netherlands. In their new single Lies, Abdomen take us on a whirlpool of raw, in-your-face loudness.

You might as well stop reading this blog after this post, because I’m confident nothing is going to punch you in your guts as much as this track by Abdomen “Lies.”

I give up.

Abdomen is everything music should sound like in my opinion, and if it doesn’t well, throw your guitars out the window. Maybe thats a little extreme, but you get the point. The band combines punk roughness with garage pop songwriting, inducing a chaotic mix of aural sensations.

Lies is the first single from Abdomen’s upcoming album Emetophobia which will be out on Dutch label Geertruida.

I’m not even going to write anything else about it. It fucking speaks for itself. Listen:


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