Sounds: Prism Tats // Daggers

I’ve been holding out on you guys for a while, I won’t lie. I first came across this track by ANTI- Records signing Prism Tats a few weeks ago and have been running through the queue of submissions without bringing this to the top of the list (as perhaps you may argue, it should have rightfully been).

Alright, so my bad. Moving on.

Prism Tats is the project of South Africa-bred Garett van der Spek and his upcoming new album is a masterclass in melody-driven, psych-inflected post-punk.

The album itself explores themes of self-inflicted isolation, working-class hopelessness, and the emotional damage of technology addiction. It’s a “fear of the future” record. However in spite of being a reasonably heavy listen, thematically speaking, van der Spek isn’t without a sense of humour, as you can see in his new, twisted, grainy home video for “Daggers”.

The vocals in the track “Daggers” are like daggers themselves-piercing and powerful; the instrumentals have some sick 70’s psychedelic rock influences that would make even Ray Manzarek proud.

The video in itself is so trippy and weird. Culminating in what can only be known as sheer Left Bank perfection.

Go on, try it on for size:

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