Sounds: Anonymous Conflict // Would It Break

To everyone out there hiding in your closets, waiting for us to post more post-punk/doomy tracks, now just hold your horses. When you first hear this track by Anonymous Conflict you think “oh okay she’s gone soft” but this track is nothing but soft.

It’s pretty fucking dark actually. What’s going on in New Brunswick?

What I would love about this track is that it’s more experimental than conventional; indie but with some antifolk tendencies; and, it oozes with emotion. So, all things considered, it’s just like all the other dark and gloomy songs we post. With a little flavor added.

“Would it Break” is the last track on my newest EP “Old Saigon” – it consists of a couple of parts; one of which is an internal reflection and the other more observational and external.”

Listen to the weird (in a good way) track here:

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