Sounds: Liar Boy // Sleeping Pills

There are plenty of shit guys running around, but contrary to his name, Liar Boy isn’t one of them. Hailing from Texas, he recently released some new tracks that we can’t get enough of. It’s got the DIY element of a basement or bedroom synth-studio, the vocals hit this gorgeous falsetto in “Sleeping Pills”(that reminds me of the experimental nature of The Strokes’ Comedown Machine). It’s all incredibly well done—soothing and escapist—but also somehow rooted deep in reality.

“Sleeping Pills” was written about a dark time I am only just now getting out of. I lost a lot of hurting friends to drugs and some to lifetimes in jail. I turned to drugs trying to escape from all the shit around me.

He seems to take all of that pain and turn it into something beautiful, which is not only respectable but also a lot of what true artistry is (or rather, can be).

Listen to it here:

“Eden”—another new track of his—hits at other emotions, but producing the same effect. It’s mesmerizing; it’s sad and beautiful at the same time—which is hard to accomplish. Super stoked that people like him are finding their way to the Left Bank–this is the kind of music we dig and love to support.

Listen to Eden below xx

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