Sounds: Waister // A Name Like Egg

Ok, you know we couldn’t close out the night without some dark and broody music. Who the hell do you think we are? (Really it’s just me – one person – hiding from my puppy in the kitchen, wading through submissions).

Dig this — Portland, Oregon-based Waister (govermentally-called Drake Elliott) recently released an EP The Clouds That Airplanes Make, featuring this brilliantly dark and gloomy track ‘A Name Like Egg’.

In it you find dreamy guitars, cluttered recording techniques, and a thriller-esque (sic: bad trip) music video. It reminds me of the time I tried molly a few New Years Eve’s back and ended up hallucinating about my friends hot pink Russian hat. It was weird.

The visuals were filmed in Venice Italy, while the music was recorded mainly in Portland Oregon. The song deals with the detachment one feels when finding themselves standing mundanely in a life that may have wriggled out of their grasp.

If you’re like us and dig melancholic, yet dreamy tunes, this track is for you. And if you’re not like us, get the fuck out. Or you can stay and raise our views but … nah, get out.

Watch the vid for ‘A Name Like Egg’ here. And, check out his bandcamp for some Limited Edition cassettes of the album, released by Captain Crook Records.

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