Sounds: Club 8 // Fire

Serge Gainsbourg in a hazy basement in Jamaica.

I just love a catchy track that I can shake my bum to.

Taken from Swedish duo Club 8’s 10th album Golden Island –which just came out on January 26– this track is everything you want to shower in the morning to.

I love that the duo did their ever first show at CMJ in New York (CMJ was the catalyst for coming to // moving to New York so many years ago). Since then, they’ve inspired an entire indie scene in Indonesia (how many people can even say that?), played 20k people in China numerous times (again, who are these unicorns) … and they still couldn’t care less about what people think about their music.

“They day we start caring about how our music will be received is the day inspiration fails us. We’re in constant progress”-Johan Angergård

Let this duo help inspire your ‘zero fucks’ attitude this morning. Give a listen here xx