Sounds: Mr Gabriel // Millennial Falcon

 “This song is really cool, Gabe from Kopecky Family band and Mark Pontius from Foster the People.”

Fresh off the press, people! This brand new track from Nashville’s Mr Gabriel, reminds me of those Kim Kardashian-social-media-inflicted breakdowns that us millennials are prone to getting. Not pretty enough? Not sexy enough? Not enough dm’s in our … dms? Mr Gabriel speaks to a lot of this in his new track Millennial Falcon.

A not so subtle hint at our cultures voyeuristic obsession with social media and glamour, “millennial falcon of my dreams, are you real or just a fantasy”, Mr Gabriel speaks of his self inflicted teenage heartache, at moments even talking to himself as if he is still trying to figure things out.

Packed with incredible sonic elements, and catchy as hell, “Millennial Falcon” really gets our generation.

Give it a listen xx

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