Sounds: Paliki // Radiornot

This super weird post-punk track from Italian rockers Paliki channels all kinds of Sisters of Mercy, meets a solid Joy Division bass line.

Paliki is the brainchild of Italian producer/ multi-instrumentalist Mariano Felisio. Following a couple of years of reflection following the disbandment of his former band he was beginning to experience an overflow of ideas. Galvanised by the recording practices of some of his post-punk heroes he decided to play, record and produce every sound on what was to become his debut album.

Instrumentally the track goes so hard, the video is so fucking weird that it brings back old Left Bank vibes (when this site just started), and its giving me a lot of energy on this relatively bland Tuesday afternoon.

You’re not a fake

We are lovers

And thats what we’re gonna do.

Works for me. Watch the video here.

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