Sounds: Toddler // Deep in Sleep

Here’s your lo-fi lullaby. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

Can’t think of any track better for easy listening on this afternoon than “Deep in Sleep” for two very good reasons: 1) its past lunch time and everyone could use a nap and 2) I spent the lunch hour looking for real estate in Montreal.

Speaking of Montreal, the track is made by Toddler, Montreal-based musician who is well versed in the art of Lo-fi Bedroom Pop.

Their music is recorded with used instruments bought from the internet and cheap consumer grade keyboards from the 1980’s.

The track “Deep in Sleep” is their latest release, and was written while cat-sitting an orange cat named Stormy for a week in a large house by the ocean.

Deep in sleep in the afternoon
Hours go by
Can’t escape from this cocoon
To save my life

While I would much rather lay in a bedroom in a house by the ocean, with them singing me lo-fi lullabies, listening to the track on Soundcloud will have to do.

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