Sounds x Poem: NYIKO // Completion (Demo)

I kind of wish I was posting this in May for Mother’s Day, but alas. Made in one sitting, NYIKO collaborated with his dad on this single for his mom’s birthday, which is easily one of the cutest things I’ve ever heard.

In late December, NYIKO’s father sent a poem that was written for his mother in celebration of her birthday. That same night, NYIKO put the words to music. The following day, “Completion (Demo)” was released to the world.


This flame within

Fed by each breath

A red flow of fire

Each cell a spark

An ember of awareness

A soft light burning in the dark

The warmth we call love

Radiating from our fingertips

Our lips

Our eyes

Hearing your breath in my fire

Absorbing my heartbeat

Caressing the flame with

Your lips

The eternal glow

Wrapped within

Carried forward in your womb

The presence of Light


Holding you in my arms

One breath

One fire

One love

Listen to the track here (words by Vic):

Photo by Niles Gregory.

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