Sounds: Diana Hutch // Coco Milk

Obvious bias alert — somehow the things coming out of France never cease to be awesome. Merde!

The track by Lyon-based Diana Hutch called “Coco Milk” is so captivating, that it’s almost making my moodiness go away. Just a little bit, because, you know, PMS.

He brings back the nostalgia of making music, that I feel like has been lost over the years—its all become so systematic and digital, so I love when artists pay tribute at least to the foundation that brought them to where they are now. He still uses a tape recorder to give his music a lo-fi sound

I’ve been in a couple of punk bands when I was young, as a guitarist. After spending 4 years in Montreal, learning how to record and mix music I went back to France and built my home studio. My favorite part in making music is recording, I always loved that process since I got my first tape recorder at the age of 10. I still use a tape recorder to give my music a lo-fi flavor.

Give a little listen to his new track “Coco Milk” x

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