Sounds: Dose // Furniture

Experimental noise-rock band based in Newcastle, Dose released their debut single ‘Furniture’ with MJ from Hookworms. Recorded in MJ’s Suburban Home studio in Leeds, the track arose from their experience practicing in their squalid, decaying studio. It’s got those ‘fuck yeah its almost Friday vibes’ that we could all use to get through the day.

“About half a year ago we were searching for our own place to write, rehearse and record demos. Being based in Newcastle, the area is extremely deprived of creative spaces to work in so the best we could find was a disused loft space. It includes all the luxury utilities from running water provided by the leaking ceiling to it’s very own funghi garden in one corner. An abandoned bedroom seamingly frozen from the 70’s in the room next door inspired us to write about loneliness in a deteriorating house, whose furniture is stagnant as the walls and ceiling crumble around it.” – Sean Turland


If you’re like us, and dig discordant melodies, intricate guitars and a strong rhythm reminiscent of our hometown heros, Sunflower Bean.

Dose Pedal playing

For the climax, melodic guitar feedback and an Ebow are used side by side; alongside Ewan’s spoken word overlapping Sean’s distant vocals, this invokes a sense of multiple inner voices and opinions, mirroring the lyrics’s theme of abandonment.

Not only do Dose take an experimental approach to songwriting, they create live visuals with help from friend Mitchell Dilley to accompany their shows.

“For months now I’ve been carrying around a VHS camcorder taking documentary style footage, and only later realised the potential they had as projections. I approached Mitchell about working on something and together we started piecing together a video of stop motion style clips and abstract light-art. We combined this with footage of our abandoned studio and other influences on the songwriting for ‘Furniture’, to create something personal to compliment our live set.” – Ewan Barr

Listen to the rad track here: