Sounds: Sealab // Stardust

Not to be confused with the rad Adult Swim show.

Formed in DC in 2013 by a group of college friends with a mutual love for Radiohead, hypnotic grooves, and improvisation, Sealab has just released their second single “Stardust” off their upcoming album, Sour Fate (coming in March).

The group is all about the DIY (hell yeah!) and have recorded and produced two EPs and a full-length album in their basement studio, known affectionately as ‘The Lab.’ Which is also apparently a DIY venue—so I’ll definitely hit you guys up the next time I’m in DC.

On their first full-length, the upcoming Sour Fate, the band focused on crafting dreamlike narratives, songs that start the listener in one place and take them to a completely different destination.

Listen to the dreamy track “Stardust” below (and keep an eye on the Tesla in space).

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