Sounds: Vern Matz // Shelby Park

Vern Matz formed at Yale University, where the members are currently finishing up their undergraduate studies. The bandmates met at a college party and instantly connected over their mutual admiration for Radiohead—it was like love at first sight.

Got this adorable track in from this Yale University band, Vern Matz. According to their Facebook page, they are “the lovechild of a philosophy student, an investment banker, and a boy with a David Foster Wallace tattoo.” Can I be 10 years younger so we can be friends?

Vern Matz’s eponymous debut EP was born out of several road trips between New Haven and Philadelphia. In a lot of ways, the EP is about Vern Matz coming of age—as individuals and as a band. Faced with finding a place in the world, the band shies away from those looming decisions and instead embraces a wistful indifference.

The single from their EP, “Shelby Park” is this amazing, smooth-sailing track that is very reminiscent of Wilco; and even brings back some old nostalgia from my own college days with Yellowcard and Dashboard in that slow and sentimental, but also catchy kind of way.

“As a band, we call the song Shelby Park — “Shelby”. Perhaps we are on a first name basis with the song because of how close we have grown to it; Shelby’s a big part of our lives now. But this wasn’t always the case. Shelby Park didn’t have it’s identity until it was done. It was only until after the song was complete that it really grew on all of us.”

Listen to the track here xx

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