Sounds: Kid Trails // People Has It Hard

It’s hard out there, but hopefully, this will leave you with a smile.

Bay Area singer-songwriter and Toro y Moi bassist, Patrick Jeffords (aka Kid Trails) has this adorable new track out that I couldn’t help but share.  Backstory: some pretty weird shit has been going down in my life this past weekend, and this track really hits home.

After Patrick graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2009, he quickly joined as the touring bassist for Toro y Moi, led by his childhood friend Chaz Bundick. But between those marathon tours and recording sessions, he made time to write his own songs under the moniker Kid Trails – a project he could fully call his own.

Coming in hot after his full US tour this past summer, where he brought in elisted members of Toro y Moi and Washed Out to round out his band, is another EP, Naming. Which ends with Coleman Family’s  “People Has It Hard” — his carefree take on the classic track.

In it you see uplifting images of Jeffords, his girlfriend, and too many puppies to count. And its the best thing for this rainy, weird morning.

Watch the video here:

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