Sounds: Shiffley // Cut Out My Heart

This indie-rock foursome’s new track is the perfect blend of 90’s electro-pop and 80’s percussive mastery. The song has a simple arrangement and sci-fi soundscape that puts it somewhere between indie, alternative and electronic music. 

Long Island’s Shiffley are starting the new year with the release of their album Paper Cranes, featuring this incredibly catchy track “Cut Out My Heart.”

As many of you know, I’m pretty vehemently against posting pop tracks, but this feels a little more like indie disco, so that’s what we will call it. The vocals are sung in this falsetto that even I can’t hit, and the instrumentals I swear have some Kraftwerk influence.

Made up of Alex Ganes (vocals/guitar), Alex Jenks (synth), Bryan Contreras (Drums), and Shaune Killough (Bass), Shiffley has been bringing their vigorous spirit to the NYC music scene and beyond for the last four years—and they’re nowhere near finished.

You can’t help but move to the track (try not to attract too much attention in your cubicle).

Give it a listen here:

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