Sounds x Premiere: Spells of Vertigo // All The Love

In times when you’re dying
Confide in
All the love the world breeds

Welcome to the 1980’s, is how I feel listening to the track “All The Love” by our buds in Toronto, Spells of Vertigo. I can picture big hair and men with really low buttoned shirts dancing on MTV; I kind of love it. And I’m thrilled to premiere this track today on the site.

“All The Love” comes at an interesting time … the obvious being that Valentine’s Day is this week, but more importantly, in all of our lives we are either reaching for or reeling from a love, and both can be beautiful–if you let it.

 “All The Love is about expelling our own tragedies that we normalize everyday. It’s so easy to forget is how exciting love can be. Love is endless and does not expire. Even when you bleed it from time to time, there’s always more breeding right around the corner.”

Spells Of Vertigo is an alternative rock band described as ‘A cosmic smash of My Bloody Valentine into the Rolling Stones.’ Fronted by singer/songwriter/producer Keegan Powell, the band has released a handful of music since it’s they started in early 2015, and are planning a steady release of singles throughout the year, so definitely watch this space.

In the meantime, listen to this absolutely killer of a track, love yourself, love your friends, love your family, and if we are all so lucky, find that special love in a partner and hold on to it. You can also love me by sending chocolates to Brooklyn, if you so desire.

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