Sounds: Feralie // Special Hell

I’m never gonna get free
From this feeling
Inside of me

This new track by Connecticut-based alternative rock band Feralie can best describe a lot of people’s weekends – mine included – and while its a lot more alt than tracks that we normally post, it’s also damn good. It’s the first track off of their second EP, Everything That’s Dark, which was released January 29th, 2018.

The vocals are striking, the instrumentals light a fire under your ass, and the track brings you back to a point of being grounded–something that you haven’t felt in a while. It’s a loud and refreshing return to your roots, and it feels good. Real good.

Step into the trap
A bag of empty objects radiate
A great escape from hard to relate with

Take a step back from all the mercury retrograde shit going around and feel whats inside. Thanks Feralie, for real.

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