Sounds: Kolaus // Kolaus

Our first track is kind of a dropout anthem/drinking song of a person who can’t keep up with the modern world.

Finland-based band Kolaus knows how to rock, and while the lyrics (at first listen) don’t make ANY sense – the punk rock vocals and matching instrumentals definitely carry the track all on its own.

Alright we won’t keep you guessing. The lyrics are listed below!

No one smokes anymore
And few people drink anymore
There’s only hummus and yoga
Wellness is the new high

As someone who lives in New York, I can TOTALLY understand this. The chorus is also somewhat of my anthem:

But if you still want to blow
Then always remember me always, always remember me
If you wanna go fast
Then always remember me
Always remember me

Keep it coming Kolaus, you rebel bastards!

Photo x Antti Sepponen

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