Sounds: Attila Mora // I Want You Back

Okay, Melbourne’s Attila Mora has the most beautiful, soulful voice that I’ve heard in a while. And despite the fact that I just ended something with a guy, I’m going to go ahead and post this because someone out there might be pining over a past love.

“I Want You Back” is this gorgeous indie electronic track, catchy, with emotionally-fulfilling lyrics (we’ve all been there, right?). Something you see a lot in indie-electro tracks is that the musician leans more on the vocals and its weaker in the instrumentals, or vice versa—but with Attila Mora’s track, both parts of the song hold equal weight.

Listen to “I Want You Back” below. And remember to not drink and text exs.

P.S.: I still don’t want you back.


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