Sounds: Bed Scene // Day in a Dream

We came across this track what feels like ages ago, and its such a sweet surprise to go through submissions and hear something like this, and sit back and say ‘yes! this is an awesome track.’

That’s what Miami-based Bed Scene does for us with the track Day in a Dream. It’s got a lovely, easy-going flow to it; the vocals are incredibly engaging (without trying too hard), and it just makes me happy. Like, really happy.

At the crossroads between the diverse ambience of sounds spanning 4 decades, and a manifold of emotions, Bed Scene embraces a universal wanderlust.

Their debut, 6-track EP was released late last month; which I’d just like to give a shoutout to them being that they were only just founded in January 2017. 

Listen to the dreamy track here:

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