Sounds x February Faves: My Pleasure, Castlebeat, Night Marcher

Sometimes I wanna get super high, I really wanna try. All the numb goes right through my thighs. It feels good to be alive. – Indigos Paradise // Visions

It’s been a hell of a month, and while it isn’t quite over, we can basically pat ourselves on the back and say we did it. We narrowly escaped Valentine’s Day, haven’t found ourselves in a nuclear war, and hopefully are going to see some semblance of change on gun control.

All of that aside—not to minimize things, but sweet Jesus things are bleak—we’ve been blessed by the music Gods with some really incredible music. Lots of these bands are emerging on the scene at a really good time, and the music that they created is enough to send one big old FUCK YOU to the man (and February, alike). Actually most of the below tracks are shoegaze, but fuck it.

Side note: not all of these tracks dropped in February, that’s just when I came across them so take your knickers out of a knot.

My Pleasure- “Drama at the Gala”

Starting things off a little happier // catchier (don’t worry, we get real dark in a bit), My Pleasure is the quintessential indie dance track. If Gossip Girl was still around, this would have without a doubt been featured (and that is not something I say lightly). The Hull, UK-based artist created the hand-drawn lyric video over the space of a month, utilising a 24-pack of Sharpies and a 12-pack of Wilko-brand fine liners.

His debut album Domestic Bliss, features songs about name-droppers, beauty contests, plagiarism, facial tattoos, strawberries, the alphabet, internet trolls, and domesticity. Basically, all of our favorite things (except domesticity because, Seamless). Listen to the track here.

Castlebeat – I Follow

Irvine, CA-made but Brooklyn living Castlebeat has taken some of his Cali vibes to make this perfect shoegaze, surf rock track “I Follow.” His sound is what a lot of bands wish they sounded like—its one of those beautiful combinations when the vocals, instrumentals, and lyrics all come together without overpowering the other, and making you feel good about yourself and your place in the world at that particular moment.

It’s not as heady as I make it sound, I promise. Listen to “I Follow” below.

P.S. his track “Wasting Time” is also damn near perfection.

Indigos Paradise- Visions

This track reminds me of my first year when I moved to New York—lots of rooftops, 3 a.m. cab rides, and parties that were mostly coke dens. It’s sexy and edgy, catchy and real; and at 1:57 mins it’s also short-lived. Thanks Indigos Paradise for speaking my truth.

Falcon Jane – Go With The Flow

Not to get too sappy on y’all this track by Ontario-based Falcon Jane speaks my entire week relationship with this Italian guy I dated circa Valentines Day 2018. It makes you feel comforted but also a little depressed like DAMNWHYCANTICHILL. But then, the Grateful Dead-esque guitar in this track pretty much forces you to chill. It’s a lot; the good kind.

Night Marcher – “Gotta Find Your Way Back”

My God I love this song. The vocals are addictive but also Gary Clark Jr. soulful, the lyrics speak some truth y’all, and I’m tapping my feet as I write this because, damn. This was actually released in January, but I’ve been listening to this track several times this month. It just makes you feel good, deep in your soul.

“Gotta Find Your Way Back” is the first single off Night Marcher‘s sophmore album, Us & Them—coming out this spring. Listen to the track here.

And that ladies and gentlemen of the Left Bank, is what February sounded // felt like.

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