Sounds: Swell Spells // Demons

“Demons” is the most collaborative track on the record. It’s a song about anxiety and its desperate, uncontrollable nature.

Nothing like starting Monday out with some good garage rock–and I’m telling you, this shit is good.

Formed in Bakersfield, CA last year, Swell Spells (Patrick Sena, Logan Archer, and Jarrett Alarcon) were just friends who played in each other’s bands and drank together. And now they are making some sick tracks, reminiscent of that infectious energy found in Cloud Nothings.

Ever been to Bakersfield? It’s a pretty shitty place. As an artist in a socially conservative oil town, any friends you make end up being the ones you keep for life. Not many people find a way out of here, and we were determined to break the cycle. So we busted out our Oh Sees and Wavves records and studied hard, bought new instruments, and set up a makeshift recording studio in Patrick’s living room.

They recorded the songs live and spent months overdubbing and tinkering with different hooks, guitar tones, and mixes—the record’s name Tell Your Friends You Love Them was made to represent the bond that they share as friends that will stay for life.

Give a listen to the track “Demons” from Tell Your Friends You Love Them:

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