Sounds: The Twindows // Pulp

Harrisburg-based band The Twindows are bringing some quirky Runaways meets Sabbath tracks, with urgent guitars, and vocals that are oddly infectious.

Aster Grimm’s voice is very unique, and at first listen it’s on the verge of off-putting, but then as you continue to listen to the album, you realize that it works; it gives The Twindows a unique sound (although it keeps bringing me back to Sabbath, which is a very good problem to have). And when she screams, my God, it’s like hell is being opened up… and you kind of want to join and see where the rabbit hole takes you.

“Pulp” is one of two songs that have been released as a lead up to their album (coming March 15th) and it gives me some old school Sabbath guitar vibes, which I can’t get enough of.

It’s dark, and catchy and loud. VERY LOUD. You can also tell that they spent time on their lyrics—versus just throwing them together as an after thought—and that means something to us.

Best saved for a shit day, The Twindows know how to rock. hard. Go on and listen to “Pulp” below.

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