Sounds: Champyons // No Applause

I can’t even begin to describe how bloody tired I am—I ordered some Gucci heels this afternoon (no, seriously, don’t look at me like that, they were under $200 and I’m a true life Bobo) and now my feet ache and my puppy is asleep on the couch. But fuck it, let’s dance.

Berlin-based indie group Champyons released a new track “No Applause” and it’s got me tapping my achy foot cuz it’s so fucking good. The three-member band and producer collective have been making tunes internationally after dropping their sultry Super 8 short “Maria-Luiza” (see below).

As a lead up to their album Cha Cha Cha coming out in March, the boys released “No Applause” a few days ago and it’s super catchy—featuring some gorgeous Daft Punk-esque instrumentals and an incredibly trippy space video. Go ahead and give it a listen below. Also, what’s up with Elon’s space Tesla?

View the short here:



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