Sounds x Interview: Cold Fronts

Sooo stoked to get this interview up with Philly band Cold Fronts. The guys are super rad, their music is perfect in every way shape and form, and their shows are filled with infectious energy (and maybe a little bit of danger). Once I almost got hit by the guitar of the lead singer at an Illegal Mezcal show but it’s all good. Rock and roll.

Check out the interview with them below, as a lead up to their show tonight in NYC.

Let’s start at the beginning- Cold Fronts, how did you come up with the name? … not just cuz its cold AF in Philly right?

Short story. It was my brothers friends myspace url and I thought it sounded cool so I started filing songs under Cold Fronts in 2009 in my iTunes when I’d bounce them in GarageBand.

And how did you guys meet/get together?

We’ve had a couple different line up changes over the years so when i met Joe Killian it was about three years ago when we were looking for a new drummer. We had a two month tour planned and then the guitarist and bassist quit. Thats how we met Alex Luquet, he jumped in the van with us and we became buds real quick. After about a year of playing with different guitarists my friend Max moved to Philly and I asked him if he wanted to go on tour because we got along and I knew he didn’t have a job at the time. We toured together for about a year or two on a record that they hadn’t recorded so we started writing some new stuff and it really started to feel like a band, like a unit. We’re all great friends and its really been a pleasure playing and recording with all of them.

What would ‘making it’ look like to you guys?

Not having to deliver food lol. To be honest though, this project has gone way further than I could have ever imagined. We’ve gone on tour with some of my favorite bands, recorded in amazing studios, and have gotten to work with some really awesome people. While there’s still stuff I wanna check off I think we’re currently “making it work”.

Hell yeah! What’s the place you’d absolutely love to play at (could be anywhere, including you know outer space)?

We’d love to play the Super Bowl halftime show this year…in space. Go eagles.

Lolz. So on the new album, you’ve opened up the writing a bit – can you explain the reasoning behind this? And why you felt it was important?

It just kind of naturally happened. I made it a point to collaborate more the past couple years because I think good things come from that and it can end up being way more productive and fulfilling. I think you just gotta have people that you’re comfortable and like working with the people you’re doing it with.


Totally. What’s the hardest thing about being in a band?

Watching all your friends have real jobs and health insurance. Also loading in and out of venues.

But, also what’s the most rewarding thing about your project?

There’s a certain freedom that comes with making music and pursuing it as your job. You live a less conventional life but I think thats what we all want. You get to travel and meet people, you get to see your ideas realized on all sorts of different mediums. One thing I’ve learned since starting this band is that it is a privilege to make music.

If you weren’t making music (or if you have day jobs) what would you be/what are you?

There’s not really a Plan B right now. I’ve been making music since I was like 6 or 7 so I’ve always planned on doing it in some capacity. I wouldn’t mind working in a studio.

Respect. I love that. Last question, speaking of jobs, what was either your first job or the job you hated the most?

I got fired from an Urban Outfitters before I had started Cold Fronts and I remember thinking, “Fuck this, they’re gonna sell my record in here some day.” And guess what? Now they do. Not the worst job I had though, worst one was bus boy at crackle barrel.

Side note: I fucking love Crackle Barrel. Check the guys out tonight in NYC at Bowery Ballroom if you’re around! Additional tour dates below:

3/2 NYC Bowery ballroom 
3/3 DC 9
3/4 Lon Lon Ranch Harrisonburg va
3/5 The Southern Theater Charlottesville va
3/6 On Pop of the world Greensboro NC
3/7 The Basement Nashville TN
3/8 Maxines Live, Hot Springs AR
3/9 House show, Fayetteville AR
3/10 axelrad Houston tx
3/11 Alleyton tx hell or hacienda
3/12 Sxsw
3/13 Sxsw
3/14 sxsw
3/15 sxsw
3/16 Sxsw
3/17 Sxsw
3/18 sxsw
3/24 Philly – All Night Diner


Photo by the lovely CJ Harvey

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