Sounds: CROOK // The Punch

i don’t know what to tell ya
that i haven’t said before
i feel the same old feelings:
it’s like a kick on the floor

It’s doing this rainy, snowy thing in New York and I wish I was in my bed with my brand new comforter and my little puppy, watching The Darkest Hour and crying. Maybe not crying, but hell, a good cry is good every now and then. Irish band (Berlin-based) CROOK expresses the mood 100%. He makes the kind of music that plays after the party is over & everybody has gone home.

After some back & forth with a few small Ireland / UK-based labels, CROOK decided to re-locate to Berlin, Germany, where he has been since 2015. There, he began developing his songwriting & production skills, working on projects with a handful of indie artists, as well as major labels.

“The Punch” is the first single released from a longer project titled “CRUSHING”, which will be an ongoing sketchbook / mixtape that will see CROOK release a new song every month, for the rest of the year. So, watch this space.

something has gone missing
or never was there at all
i’ve never felt desire
for anything at all

Listen to “The Punch” below xx.

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