Sounds: Steph Sweet // Glitterati

You’re so desperate to be famous, you’d surely sell your soul.
Do you dream of fame and riches and pretty cocaine whores?
Are those dreams slowly fading?
Is the self-doubt creeping in?

It’s International Women’s Day all day long (alright, let’s just be real, women rule the world even when this day is over). So in honor of this glorious day, we are sharing female and female-fronted bands all day long.

Cuz, who’s gonna stop us? NO ONE.

The track Glitterati by Steph Sweet (off her album The Hag and the Whore) is downright spiritual. It has all of those psychedelic vibes that make you feel good about your social climbing self and your place in the world. I would love to dedicate this song to a specific person but my New Year’s resolution is to stop being an asshole.

Steph has a new album coming out this year,  and a vinyl release on US Label ‘Gold Dragon Records.’ So fuck yeah!

You so want to be in the Glitterati.
You’re so damn needy.

Listen to Glitterati below.

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