Sounds x Premiere: Sing Leaf // Put It On Me

Happy Friday guys! More than a little thrilled to share // premiere this amazing new track from Toronto-based musician Sing Leaf. The first time I heard this track was during the shower, and it was a mix of sexy dancing and trying not to fall — of which I succeeded.

But, get this: Sing Leaf’s David Como never really meant for this project to be heard by anyone.

“Some things only retain their power if you don’t talk about them,”

And, so even his friends and family knew little of the music he recorded, in an attic space so small he couldn’t stand up in it. Music, for him, had always been an “individual, therapeutic thing.” Which, we TOTALLY get. But sometimes you gotta just let the art you’re creating roam free, and see what it becomes.

After going through a divorce, and finding himself “suddenly on my own, starting again,” he used his time alone to reflect on the past while trying to unstick himself from it. The attic became his sanctuary.

The album’s biggest influence came by chance, when a woman [Mary] came into the liquor store where Como works … the two developed a friendship, and she told him of her late husband—a musicologist and librarian—who imported rare world music from West Africa, India and Turkey, she told Como, archiving everything on cassette.

“She ended up giving me his whole collection, so I inherited about 300 cassettes of world music, mainly African music, and I’ve been subsisting on that for years now.” Had it not been for Mary, “I don’t know where I would ever have heard that, or had the desire to seek it out.”

It wasn’t until Sandro Perri (Como’s friend and fellow musician) discovered Como’s collection of songs in all its mystical, genre-bending glory, that the album got the chance to reach beyond the confines of that cramped attic. And, aren’t we glad it did!

Give a listen to this sexy // catchy // indie track “Put It On Me” (don’t listen whilst in the shower) and show Sing Leaf some love xx.

Photo credit: Shane Fester

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