Sounds: Somehow // Meaningless Thoughts in Dark Times

This track by Paris-based Somehow (aka Erwan Pépiot) speaks so accurately to the depths of my soul that its a little hard to not wallow in the beauty of it. It’s all vampire-goth meets indie pop—it starts out with some strong // heady shit, and gets a little peppier (just a bit) so that you aren’t found under your bed crying with a Joy Division record. Erwan’s phrase and timber are in line with Morrissey or even Ian Curtis the God himself.

He wrote, recorded and mixed the entire project on his own in his home-studio. Only one exception to the rule: Aurélie Tremblay’s voice, present on every track.

So we came across Somehow fairly recently but he’s been making some acclaimed albums in the past few years. After a self-produced album ‘The Desert of Wasted Time’ (2016) that obtained a good critical reception in French indie webzines (A decouvrir absolument, Benzine Mag…) Somehow  has made 9 new songs spread across ‘Hidden Memories— a new album that was released last summer on Toolong Records.

Somehow’s surrealist lyrics deal with human relationships, the passing of time, and the ideas of change and revolution.

Listen to Meaningless Thoughts in Dark Times below xx.

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